Life Insurance

You own life insurance because you have somebody that you love, and they depend on you financially.

It really is that simple.

It gets complicated when trying to decide what type of insurance you want. There are lots of choices, but for many Americans, flexibility and affordability are two key factors.

Long Term Care Insurance

In light of the current economic conditions - plus possible lost retirement savings‐ now is the ideal time to talk to about the benefits of Long Term Care insurance.

If Long Term Care Insurance details seem time consuming and complicated, we handle all the technical details for you!

We recommend suitable coverage, assist with the client preparations and respond to questions. We even complete the application paperwork and serve as your client's advocate with carrier underwriters.

Disability Insurance

Disability happens. You can’t predict whether it will strike you or not. But you can prepare in case it does, with a customized disability income insurance plan. This protection can replace a portion of your income, and help maintain your current lifestyle, if you suffer a disability.

Your income is your most valuable asset and has the potential to be substantial over your working lifetime. But to earn it, you must have the ability to work.


Capital Wealth Partners will help you understand which annuities are the right financial vehicles, and which of the many annuity options might bea fit for plans to fund retirement.

Capital Wealth Partners provides numerous resources:

  • Individual Annuity offerings focusing on accumulation, distribution, wealth transfer and marketing.

  • Additional offerings include Terminal Funded Plans, Structured Settlements, Medically Underwritten SPiAs, SPlAs with Restricted Endorsements

The key to your success is to partner with a financial professional who stays ahead of the curve. We’ll show you how the right combination of annuities can help your clients’ retirement portfolio by offering the safety and guarantees they seek.

Small Business Overhead Insurance

What’s the likelihood your business can continue without you there? If you’re disabled, the company may well be also.

You can complement your personal coverage with a separate Business Overhead Expense (BOE) policy that automatically pays monthly benefits to cover the overhead expenses of your company.

Think about it ‐ you want to recover from any disability you might suffer, and you’ll want the business to be there when you’re ready to go back to work. It really makes sense to pair up BOE coverage with your individual plan.

Small Business Buy/Sell Agreements

Buy-sell planning can help you prepare for the continuation of your business and help ensure your family’s financial security.

This can best be accomplished by using a buy‐sell agreement, a legal contract providing for the sale of abusiness ownership interest upon the occurrence of a triggering event , such asthe owner’s death, disability or retirement.

Key Employee Compensation

Your key employees make an important contribution to your business’s profitability. it’s in your best interest to keep them satisfied by recognizing their contributions and rewarding their achievements. Selective executive compensation benefits not only allow key employees to share in the accomplishments of the business, they can financially reward employee whose work is most responsible for your business’s success.

Succession Planning

A smooth transition in ownership is essential for the health of a business. If your business partners or shareholders die, will you be able to do business with their heirs? If you die, is your family ready to work with your business partner? These business continuation options can help you prepare for the challenges that come with changes in ownership. They also establish the value of your business and assure a ready market for your share, should you die.